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(Our photographers will NOT be able to move furniture, clean countertops, or assist in moving personal property due to insurance liability. PLEASE FOLLOW THIS PHOTO CHECKLIST AS CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE 

  • Turning on all lights, including fireplaces if available.

  • Turn off all ceiling fans in the house.

  • Minimize clutter in living areas, on end tables, and other areas. (This includes big picture frames, phones, alarm clocks, etc.)

  • Remove small throw rugs and doormats/bathroom mats, large area rugs may remain in place.

  • Remove small picture frames and like items from tables and shelves. Items mounted on walls may remain in place.

  • Remove and store small kitchen appliances and other items on kitchen countertops, as well as bathroom countertops

  • Please remove pets during the time of the photo shoot

  • Remove yard signs (For sale signs, home security signs, school signs, etc).

  • Store water hoses and other miscellaneous garden items.

  • Remove any toys, cleaning supplies, miscellaneous items that are not directly related to the exterior area, as well as any recycling bins. 

  • Arrange outdoor furniture as you would like it photographed. If there is a patio umbrella, please open it.

  • Sweep/remove leaves and other items in patio areas if possible.

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Either the agent or the homeowner will be responsible for lighting candles and fireplace. Our photographers are not allowed to light these items due to insurance liability.

This is a standard checklist that you can share with you homeowner/ client.

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