Welcome to Haz Pro Photography Client Center


The Client Center is where you can download videos & photos, find the branded or unbranded website, make payments, create flyer and request items pertaining to your photographed property . We have designed the Client Center so that listing your home is easy, quick, and very marketable for you. Once you receive an email that your project is pending, and you may log in to the Client Center to review and access them. The username is your email address, and the default password is 1234 that you can change at anytime.



Once you have logged in to the Client Center https://client.hazprohomes.com/login you will have the option to change your password if you wish. Please log in to the Client Center where you will able to review your active or completed projects in YOUR PROJECTS. Once you select the view button to the right of the property it will take you to that projects DASHBOARD. Once in your Dashboard, YOUR SETTING is located in the upper right corner of your account. There you can edit your information pertaining to you or upload your brokerage information logo and headshots. This information will automatically transfer to other projects that you create in the future.



Once you receive an email letting you know your photos or project is completed, look back to your dashboard. On the dashboard, you will be able to review  your project in the Review Status with the Review watermark. Once you look over and purchased your photos, the watermark will be removed and the photos will be eligible to download. 



During this process you can view or download your photos or video to your computer or device. This process starts in your Dashboard in the Client Center. Once the appropriate download is selected you can choose between MLS or Quality print. The download when finish can be located in the download folder on your device. The file name is the name of the property downloaded. In that folder you will have to unzip the photos, those unzipped photos are the ones that load into MLS.



On your dashboard you will find the ability to create free flyers, view your free professional website, and with one push of a button, be able to connect to all of your social media (Facebook, Twitter and Google). These extras are standard with your projects. We strive to be the best; therefore, we give you the best so you can be the best. 

Thank you, and welcome to Haz Pro Photography! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will do everything we can to assist you.


Haz Pro Photography Team


Lead Photographer / Trainer

"We click it, you list it!"